How Support Tree Used ConnectWise to Double Revenue in One Year


Supoprt Tree

Support Tree, a London-based IT firm that provides computing and consulting solutions, had a serious problem. Back in 2010, their team was using a free software platform to track help desk tickets—but Neil Denning, the CEO, worried that aspects of his employees’ workflows were unaccounted for. Support Tree bases their project fee on time spent—but the free platform couldn’t accurately track employee time.

Time tracking and profitability of clients was a total guessing game, and Denning was concerned that the company was losing out on vital revenue. He set out to find a platform that wouldn’t just help his team track a ticket’s lifecycle, but would also deliver key insights on workflow and billing.

An Easy Choice—and an Unbelievable Discovery

Connect Wise

After some lengthy research, Denning came across ConnectWise Manage. He was immediately impressed that the product could track the entire lifecycle of a ticket—from creating clear lines of communication and establishing a workflow to tracking time and delivering accurate invoices. Denning needed a product that could enhance visibility—and with ConnectWise, he hoped to find a permanent solution.

“The decision to go with ConnectWise was actually pretty easy. The differentiator was the whole ticket life cycle. I was sold on that idea,” says Denning.

“Since we signed up with ConnectWise, on year one, we doubled revenue,”

In the first year of using ConnectWise, Support Tree made a remarkable discovery. Denning had long worried that the company was losing money. “I had estimated we were dropping 20-30 per cent of profits,” says Denning. But it turned out they were losing a lot more than that. With ConnectWise Manage in place, Support Tree’s employees began logging and billing time correctly—and after the first year, the company saw a surprising rise in profits and topline revenue. “Since we signed up with ConnectWise, on year one, we doubled revenue,” says Denning.

Suddenly, Support Tree gained answers to the financial questions they’d been plagued with for years. ConnectWise Manage helped organise their tickets, provide insight into profitability, and deliver data on how often specific clients asked for help. “We could actually learn what was happening in the business,” says Denning.

New Opportunities for Control

Connect Wise Control

Support Tree was so impressed by the results of using ConnectWise Manage that they opted to invest in another ConnectWise product: ConnectWise Control. With this product, Support Tree engineers can easily connect to clients’ computers and solve tech issues. This helped them expand their reach and offer IT solutions in record time. “Our engineers tell me it’s very easy to roll out and jump onto machines—it just works. It’s very quick and seamless, which is basically what you need from a remote control software,” says Denning.

Incredible Efficiency

ConnectWise isn’t just a platform, it provides blueprints on how to run a business

Support Tree sought ConnectWise for help with organising and tracking tickets—but ultimately, ConnectWise’s suite of products allowed the firm to gain incredible efficiency on multiple fronts. ConnectWise Manage lets them analyse incoming tickets more effectively, then use that data to drive down ticket volume. From there, Support Tree could take on more clients—without the need to add additional staff.

With ConnectWise, Support Tree also gained access to a cache of invaluable business information. ConnectWise University, in particular, offers resources that business owners can use to improve operations and reduce operational complexity.

“I’ve always found that ConnectWise isn’t just a platform, it provides blueprints on how to run a business,” says Denning.

The Win-Win Solution

For Support Tree, ConnectWise offered a win-win solution: They gained visibility into their operations, which in turn allowed them to better support clients. Today, Support Tree continues to rely on ConnectWise to make their operations run smoothly, especially with the insights gained from IT Nation Connect.

“This is my fourth visit to IT Nation Connect,” says Denning. The event has evolved from a tech showcase to a business operations and development conference, and Denning could not be more pleased. “We’re looking forward to it next year as well. I think it’s just going to get better and better,” he says.

Overall, the business relationship has grown into an amazing partnership. “Since they opened their office in London, we’ve worked so closely with them. We know the team there well, and they’re very supportive,” says Denning. “I’m a bona fide [ConnectWise] flag waver.”

Suffice it to say, choosing ConnectWise helped Support Tree become the powerhouse company it is today.